Ari Bayuaji was born in Indonesia in 1975. He graduated and worked as a civil engineer in Indonesia before he decided to move to Canada. Moving permanently to Canada in 2005, he studied Fine art at Concordia University (2005-2010). Dividing his time between Montreal and Bali, the artist is known mainly for his art installations, which incorporate the use of found and ready-made objects that he finds in different part of the world, thereby exposing himself also to the different mechanisms of the cultures.

Ari Bayuaji is an expert in conveying aspect of daily life, as his works usually try to show the overlooked artistic value in everyday life trough objects and places and their roles within society. These found or ready made objects as his creative material might be old, but the “content” as a work of art is completely new as he inject his work with emotion that also influenced by contemporary issues he seek to address.

Ari Bayuaji has been traveling around the world to work with many different artist in residency programs and some important international group shows as such as in Denmark, Germany and The United States. Currently, his big sculptural art installation is exhibited at Montreal Museum of Fine Art. His work has been exhibited in some major international solo exhibitions including Singapore, Taipei (Taiwan), France, Germany, The Hague and Rotterdam (The Netherlands), and Jogjakarta (Indonesia).