Le Village Un Village

In the summer 2017 Ari Bayuaji spent 3 months artist in residency in Sainte- Alvere, France. The artist in residency program was sponsored by Fondacion Agnes B. Paris and Yves de la tour d’Auvergne of Sainte Alvere, France. For this project, the artist created some works that were inspired by the village’s landscape and its old architecture.

During the residency program he developed a very good relationship with the people in the village. Many of the material he used to create the artworks were actually donated by the people in the village. The objects donated were mostly old objects that are no longer used as it has been replaced by the modern ones.

The sculptural works as the result of the residency were exhibited at some old buildings as public art installations in the end of the residency. The artist installed the artworks at the old church, the old washing house, the gate of the old castle, and also a land art installation in the old farmhouse. Some of the art installation has became a permanent installation of the village.