Un Cabinet de Curiosités

The Impression artist in residency program at Montreal Museum of Fine art was sponsored by Montreal Art Council. The museum presents the objects of comparison between art and design based on western standards.

Using his knowledge of art history from my education when he was younger in Indonesia and the knowledge he has gained through his subsequent education and work experience in Canada, he created a series of works that bring into question the way artifacts are processed, so often according a western point of view. It the artist’s belief that, in an ever-changing world, challenging assumptions in art is crucial. Goods are being produced in huge quantities continuously for a global market and this has let to massive changes in the landscape of nature and also of culture.

For the exhibition at Conseil des Arts de Montreal, Bayuaji created a project that is inspired by the variety contained within the museum’s collection, in reference to a great variety of material, natural and synthetic materials. He used found and ready made objects from many different places in the world to build his big ‘cabinet of curiosities’ for the exhibition.